Unsolicited testimonials from Dr. Hotson’s clients:

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Dr. Gary Hotson
“Working with Dr. Hotson has been an amazing experience for me. He helped me to learn a lot about myself in a safe environment and introduced me to new tools that enabled me to be a better version of myself. I am eternally in debt for his guidance and support. I would highly recommend Dr. Hoston and the Edmonton Psychological Group to anyone who wants to improve in the face of life’s many obstacles.”(February 2016)
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Nice Introduction
“My husband and I both appreciated the opportunity to meet with Dr. Hotson, who offered helpful suggestions and a supportive context for reconnecting after a difficult period.”-PB (January, 2016)


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Positive Effects for life
“Dr. Hotson has a great approach to how he deals with a vast array of issues in a persons life. I have experienced overwhelmingly positive effects on my life as a result of his expertise, compassion and ability to give honest opinions while yet being non-judgemental. I highly recommend him, and his expert ability to dissect problems and help a person come up with positive strategies to improve themselves.”
-LB (June, 2015)

Dr. Hotson Edmonton Psychologist

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